September Gardening Checklist

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Here is your September gardening checklist for fall clean up, plant division, and lawn maintenance.

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September Gardening


_ I like to have “holding bed” ready with good soil to divide plants an store them for spring before starting my annual division of overgrown plants. Then in the spring you can move them around without shocking them by spring/summer division.

_ Plant some Mums, Asters, Montauk Daisies, Ornamental Kale & Cabbage, Fall Pansies, and Sedums.

_ September is a good time to divide your perennials. Best to do it after a good rain. Be sure to water well after transplanting.

_ Plant spring blubs and cover with chicken wire to deter animals from digging.  I find that animals don’t bother Daffodils.

_ Dig, dry & store summer bulbs when they mature. Bring in your Dahlia bulbs! I like planting Caladiums and Elephant ears for a shady tropical feel but they must also be stored indoors for the winter.

_ Divide & replant Daylilies & Iris if they are overcrowded. Trade some plants with your friends and neighbors.

_ Daffodils & Daylilies can be planted in the same bed – the emerging foliage of Daylilies will hide the drying
foliage of the bulbs.


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_ Harvested Herbs should be hung upside down to dry, allowing the oils to flow into the leaves. Most herbs dryFarmers Market Collinsville CT - Canton CT
best in a dark area that is 70* to 80*F, with a slight draft.

_ Harvest seeds of dill, coriander & caraway by hanging stems with the seed heads enclosed within a paper bag.

_ Pull onions when the tops have dried. Leave them in the sun for 3 or 4 days to cure.

_ Pumpkins, gourds & winter squash should ripen on the vine & be harvested with stems intact. Cut stems
about 1” from fruit. Once harvested, leave them outside for 3 or 4 days to season. Dispose of old vines to
prevent insects & diseases from overwintering in the garden.

_ Wash tomato stakes with disinfectant as you finish with them for this year.

_ Harvest sunflower seeds for feeding the birds or for next year’s flowers.

_ Don’t forget to visit your local Farmer’s Market for some amazing produce and support our local farmers!





_ Fall is an ideal time for planting trees, evergreens & shrubs. Read more about proper installation and watering here.

_ When planting woody ornamentals water them well until the ground freezes.

_ Harvest Pears when they reach full size.


_ September is the best time to seed or repair a lawn – because of favorable conditions such as cooler nights,
increased moisture & no weed or crabgrass competition… all these factors will contribute to spectacular results.

_ Apply fall fertilizer for strong root growth.